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We brew natural and sustainable beverages with only nature's finest organic produce. Our beverages are based on a unique and natural ice tea brewed on coffee leaves. Their gentle bubbles provide you with a sparkling and refreshing sensation of sunshine and evergreen. While enjoying our delicious, sustainable and all-natural beverages, you also partake in lifting small-scale coffee farmers around the world out of structural poverty.

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A smooth, refreshing and sparkling alcoholic beverage perfect for every occasion.

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We believe that we all share the responsibility of shaping a better and more sustainable future!

Since our founding in May 2017, we have won Creative Business Cup Denmark, received an honorary award at the Global Finals, and the funds to develop and test our first two prototypes of Twisted Leaf.

We are now ready for the final steps towards our launch in the summer of 2018. Our strategy is to enable all possible partners through two different initiatives.

Our Impact Partner program provides companies, NGOs and restaurants with the chance to align themselves with nature and our values by preordering our products to give as company presents or serve to guests.
Sustaianability is everyone's responsibility, and your impact can be felt by the click of a link.

The Coffee Leaf

A diamond in the rough

We firmly believe that nature itself provides us with the means to build a sustainable and just future — coffee leaves are one of those means. Coffee farmers regularly trim their trees while cultivating their coffee beans, and in this process let the leaves go to waste. Currently coffee leaves are diamonds in the rough. Scientists have discovered that these discarded leaves are actually a strong anti-inflammatory agent, full of natural caffeine and rare antioxidants such as mangiferin and chlorogenic acids. Coffee leaves are naturally sweet and have a mild floral taste making it a perfect beverage ingredient. By utilizing and enriching this waste product, we further a more climate-friendly coffee production, increase the farmers yield output, boost their annual income by 150%, all while producing delicious and naturally sweet beverages with low calorie content.

AM Breweries: from natural waste to delicious taste!


Meet Charles Ngugi

Charles Ngugi is a hardworking, highly competent coffee farmer who grows some of the most incredible Arabica plants on earth. He owns a small coffee farm in the mountains, just a few hours north of Kenya's capital Nairobi. Charles has been a farmer his entire life, and the land he farms has been passed down through generations. However, over the last couple of years, falling global coffee prices have meant that Charles has struggled to make ends meet, especially in relation to maintaining his farm, household, and the future for his three kids.

We strongly believe that by partnering with Charles and other farmers like him, we co-create a whole new economic structure for small-scale coffee farmers that provides them with a better income all year around.


Every sip matters

Together with Charles, we increase value without raising the environmental footprint. By enriching what would otherwise be waste products from millions of coffee farmers like Charles in Kenya and Sub-Saharan Africa, AM Breweries sets out to create a greener and fairer future through consumption.

With this newly generated income, Charles' family will be able to afford:

Full health insurance coverage for the entire family
Two kids in secondary school
A college savings fund
Farm improvements, drying bed, tools, seeds and fertilizers
Household, health improvements, and toilet facilities


Working with UNs Sustainable Development Goals

AM Breweries is dedicated to and works directly with three of the UNs sustainable development goals.

By enriching a waste product we generate good jobs and economic growth.

We only source coffee leaves from small-scale coffee farmers that are organic and meet the demands on sustainable production.

By utilizing a waste product in an already existing coffee production we optimize and effectuate a climate friendly production.

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Magnus Meyern Harison
Founder & CEO
[email protected]
+45 30 882 882
Anders Boserup Lauritsen
Founder & Business Developer
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+45 30 814 814
Johan Juul
Global South Coordinator
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